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What Makes Global Edge Recruiting® A Top Executive Search Firm?

With an Internet full of choices, how do you select a top executive search firm to help you meet your future talent acquisition needs and challenges?  Below are 10 key points about Global Edge Recruiting to help you base your decision about partnering with our firm.  Learn more about what makes Global Edge Recruiting a leader in the recruitment industry.


Global Edge has been in the recruitment business for over 17 years.  Since 1997, we have been a leader in the recruitment industry.

Leading References

Nationally, Global Edge Recruiting is respected for our work in the recruitment industry.  Our clients recognize us as an industry leader.  Review our client references or statistics to learn more about our track record.  Throughout the years, we have worked diligently with clients to meet their needs.  Click to View Client References.

Top Website/ Recognized As a Leader by the Search Engines

Global Edge Recruiting can be found at the top of search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.   Through this recognition, we are able to promote your open position to talent throughout the world.

Knowledgeable Recruiters and Staff

Our staff is experienced in the recruitment process.  The staff of Global Edge Recruiting hold advanced degrees in areas such as business, human resources and healthcare.  In addition, every recruiter on staff has received the C.P.C (Certified Personnel Consultant) designation by the National Association of Personnel and Staffing Services.

National Networking

We are known for networking.  We are the premier source of career information through our free online Career Resource Center.  Through this source, we reach thousands of job seekers and career professionals.

Accessible Recruitment Team

Based in the Midwest, our firm is accessible to companies operating on the all US Time Zones.  We recruit nationwide.  We are also involved in various social networking sites, such as Linked In, Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with our clients and candidate pool.

Customer Focused Approach

When you partner with our firm, we will customize our process to provide you with the most relevant information.  We work hard to simply the process for you.

Recognized Leader in Healthcare and Sales Recruitment

Global Edge Recruiting is a recognized leader in all areas of healthcare and sales recruitment. Global Edge Recruiting exclusively owns the domain  While other recruiters say they are the Medical Sales Recruiters, we have owned the domain since 1997 when the business was first started. We have customized our website to also attract top talent in medical and pharmaceutical sales.  We are also known for our Career Center, which offers valuable advice to those interested in becoming a medical or pharmaceutical sales representative.

Low, Reasonable Fees

Global Edge Recruiting offers various search options. All fees are employer-paid.

Recruitment fees are generally based on the number of positions recruited and difficulty of the search instead of a traditional fee schedule approach.  For clients interested in filling multiple positions, we are pleased to offer a low flat fee structure competitive within the industry.  Call us today for a customized quote.