Another Realignment in Pharmaceutical or Medical Sales?

I just heard from an old friend who just survived his 7th realignment in the pharmaceutical sales world.  Prefacing his message, he mentioned, “Everything is going well.” 

Interesting, isn’t it.  The world around him is changing, yet he maintains a positive outlook.  He’s definitely a glass half-full kind of guy…. always has been.  You’ve heard it before, but a positive outlook can really be helpful.  This is most definitely true in maintaining your position or securing your next gig in the medical sales, medical device or pharmaceutical sales world.  Even in the times with the most adversity, some folks still win by maintaining their current position or winning a new one.  Many of these individuals simply redirect some of their experience and business acumen to the task at hand…keeping their job. 

This is where we all may need to be mentally, given the current employment market.  My friend has reestablished his baseline thought process over the years.  He recognizes that these realignments and the associated change may be with us for a while.  Understanding that fact allows him to realize that this may be the new “norm” at least for now. 

So, if you’re currently employed in medical sales, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your attitude.  Do your job well without attracting any negative detection.  Maybe your positive attitude can also improve your perceived aptitude among your management and peers. 

Acknowledging and addressing the need to keep your spirits up is good personal policy in any economy!