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View valuable information on developing a career in Medical Sales, Medical Device, or Pharmaceutical Sales. Submit your resume for job opportunities in medical sales. Gain tips on branding yourself through your resume and brag book.  Learn the importance of networking with other medical sale reps.  Get started today…
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Are you interested in medical sales, medical device or pharmaceutical sales?  Start your medical sales career today.   Learn valuable information on careers in medical sales, medical device sales or pharmaceutical sales.

The Medical Sales Career Center is filled with valuable information written by our team of medical sales recruiters to help you achieve your medical sales career goals and get the medical sales job of your dreams.

As you know, searching for medical sales job, networking, preparing your resume and interviewing are all important moves that require strategy and planning. The Career Center will help guide you in these areas.  By preparing yourself, planning your career in medical sales and determining your personal brand you will be able to sell yourself and your abilities better in an interview.  It’s all in the preparation.

Look at it this way, you are about to start playing a very important game, the game of “getting the job”.  This game is similar to many others.  It has rules, a playbook and there will only be one winner.  Just as every game starts with a good playbook, strategy and coach, so will this one.  For example, let’s consider your resume one of the tools used to win the game.  In other words, your resume and other tools (i.e., cover letter, your presentation style, brag book, sales plan) make up the ball you toss, kick, or catch that helps you score enough points and win the job.

In an effort to assist you, our team of medical sales recruiters designed the Career Center for medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives to give you the tools necessary to win a job in medical sales.  We hope the information provided will give you an advantage in this competitive job market.

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