Career Networking in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales

Social networking sites have changed the way humans communicate in the 21stcentury.  Websites such as Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster have proven that people all across the globe are connected in one way or another.72__240x120_9__200x150_networking

If you have not tapped into the social networking sites during your job search, you may need to consider utilizing this newly found tool.  On sites such as these, you showcase your resume and accomplishments by posting your profile for free.

Groups are an important tool on Linked in and Facebook.  On Linked in, being a member of a group will permit you to contact members of the group.  The more groups you are involved in, the better your network of potential employers.

Becoming a fan or a group member of various company facebook pages will open doors to potential opportunities.  Employers and recruiters post new job opportunities for their fans to follow.

But, don’t just leave your career networking to online networking sites.  Many communities have medical groups or pharmaceutical sales associations that meet on a regular monthly basis.    Attend one of these meetings and hand out your resume.

Promoting your resume is key.  Your physician or pharmacist may be able to also help.   Give them a copy of your resume and ask them to give it to the sales representatives currently calling on them.  Most people are happy to help when they realize your interest.

Many candidates are familiar with job boards such as Monster, Careerbuilder, America’s Job Bank, Nations Job, Six Figure Jobs and other niche boards such as MedReps, and Medzilla.  These are all great tools to utilize when in a job search.   Job search engines such as Indeed and Simply Hired also help make the process simpler.

When searching for a job in medical sales it is important to stay up-to date on industry information.  Cafepharma,and  First -Word  are websites designed to keep you informed.  For more career resource links in the medical and pharmaceutical industry , click here