How to Get an Entry-Level Job in Medical Sales or Pharmaceutical Sales

Learn the Typical Entry Level Requirements to Enter Medical Sales Jobs or Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

You have heard the old saying, “Try, try and try again”.  If you have pursued the idea of getting a pharmaceutical or medical sales job and have not been successful… keep on trying.

To help you determine if you have the right background to be considered, here are a few questions commonly asked..

Do you have a four-year college degree?

A degree (BS or BA) is typically a requirement of most pharmaceutical sales and medical sales companies today.  If your major is in the sciences, marketing, business or communications, even better.

Do you have any outside sales experience?

Companies typically seek individuals with at least 2 years of outside sales experience calling on businesses.  This experience in sales can range from telecommunications, cellular, payroll services or copier sales.  Most pharmaceutical and medical sales companies will look for this type of experience.

Does your resume show a track record of success?

A high grade point average, scholarships, competitive sports awards and documented sales achievements are all important in showing your “winning” attributes.  You can view a sample resume on our website by clicking on resumes tips.  Most companies in pharmaceutical and medical sales will review your resume for sales successes. If you do not list any successful sales accomplishments on your resume, they may assume you did not meet your sales numbers at your last place of employment.  Successful sales representatives are not afraid to share their sales numbers.

Do you have “the look”?

It may sound funny, but most successful sales representatives present themselves in a confident manner.  Clean, neat, professional appearances go a long way.  Pharmaceutical sales and medical sales is no different.

How hard are you trying to get a job in this field?

Due to constant changes in the medical market, companies have rapidly changing staffing needs.  Diligence is important in seeking out positions of interest in medical sales and pharmaceutical sales jobs.  Spend time looking for the right job opportunities.  Finding the right position can be a full time job in itself at times.  Don’t get discouraged.