Job Search in Pharmaceutical or Medical Sales

Finding a job in medical or pharmaceutical sales is not always an easy task, especially if you do not have experience in this field. Many find themselves applying and never getting called for interview. If this sounds like what you have been experiencing, you are not alone. The industry has been glamorized by television and has drawn many applicants and the competition is fierce.

The successful applicant has spent many hours online researching job opportunities, sending out resumes and most importantly networking.

Networking is vital to finding a position in medical sales or pharmaceutical sales. By networking you can market your qualifications to potential employers or coworkers.

Here are some ways to network in this industry:

  • Find a pharmaceutical or medical sales association in your area. Network with people and ask them to submit your resume for you. To locate an association in your area we recommend
  • Make sure your resume sells you and your abilities. It should have important keywords. Your skills and achievements should be bulleted or highlighted in some way. It is important for your resume to show a “super” achiever in a matter of seconds or your resume will not get noticed.
  • For Diversity Candidates visit: and

The hunt for a job in pharmaceutical or medical device sales is not an easy task. With time, effort and perseverance you will be successful. Make sure when you locate the right opportunity that you are prepared.

The video below was prepared by the recruiters of Global Edge to assist you in searching for a job in medical or pharmaceutical sales.