Job Offers in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales

You have worked hard getting to this point.  The company wants to hire you and offers you the position.  Now what?

First, ask for the offer in writing.  Most companies will allow you to review their benefit package prior to employment.  This is a great time to ask questions.

If you were lucky enough to be asked during the interview process what your salary expectations are, keep in mind that this is an important question. This question should be handled as upfront as possible.    A good answer would be that you are currently making ___ and you would like to get a ten percent increase in order to feel that you are moving your career forward.

If you are given an offer that is not as high as you would like it is acceptable to talk with the employer regarding your expectations.  Be careful doing this, as the employer may not continue to extend the offer once you have declined it.   If you decide to ask for a higher salary, be sure the employer understands why.  You might start the discussion by first letting the employer know that you do want the position.  Then tell the employer you would accept the position at this amount.  Make sure you give the employer a definite number that you are willing to accept.  The last thing an employer wants to do is get an approval for an increase in the offer and then it is still not acceptable.

If you are given an offer that is acceptable….don’t delay!  Accept it quickly.  It is important to show the employer you are enthusiastic about working for them.