Working With Medical Sales Recruiters

There are several key elements to understand when working with a recruiter:

  1. To work with a recruiter, you must first understand how recruiters are paid.  Recruiters, also called headhunters, have contracts with many companies to assist in locating and recruiting the best talent for that company.  When a candidate is placed in a position, the recruiter is paid a commission fee for their work.
  2. The recruiter’s first allegiance is to the company, not the candidate.  While most are willing to provide guidance during the interview process for their candidates, the recruiter’s ultimate goal is to get the best person hired for the position so their client is satisfied.
  3. Sell yourself and your abilities to recruiters.  If you have great achievements, let them know what those achievements are and how they relate to the position.  Recruiters love having those important nuggets to sell to their clients.
  4. If you are not interested in an opportunity, let the recruiter know.  Be upfront.
  5. Keep track of which job opportunities are presented to you by a recruiter.  Many companies utilize multiple recruiting firms on the same position.    Just like real estate, recruiters earn their commission if they represented you through the hiring process.  Nothing upsets the process more than two recruiters presenting the same candidate for the same position.  Candidates often think this helps their case but companies may become upset when the process becomes confusing.
  6. Stay in touch with your recruiter during the interview process.  Recruiters often know the hiring manager and what qualities they find attractive in candidates.  If you don’t, you are losing out on valuable information that could put you ahead of other candidates.
  7. Send your recruiter a thank you note for their assistance.  This will keep in the loop for future positions.  Hiring managers develop relationships with recruiters and often trust their judgment.