Medical Sales Resume Tips

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Use a resume to sell yourself and your accomplishments. Don’t create a job description. Think of your resume as a mirror of you and your abilities. Your resume is your first impression to a prospective employer and a poor resume might prevent you from getting an interview. Today’s preferred resumes are focused and brief. When developing your resume, be truthful. Include dates and list these in chronological order- most recent to past experiences. Make sure your dates are correct as these may be verified during a background check by a potential employer.

  • Use light colored paper since it is easier to copy.
  • Watch grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • A summary does a better job of presenting you than a job objective.
  • Photos and personal information are not necessary.
  • Make sure that your skills and achievements can be noticed with a quick glance. Bullets are great to grab someone’s attention.
  • Use action words such as: implemented, selected, achieved, completed, generated, analyzed, administered, etc. Select strong key words, concrete nouns and positive modifiers for emphasis.
  • Length of resume will depend upon your years of experience. Rule of thumb is generally 12-15 years of experience per page. Try to keep your resume to one or two pages if possible.
  • Omit hobbies and interests unless specific to the job in which you are applying.
  • Do not include salary requirements unless requested by the employer.
  • Provide references upon request only.
  • Always include a formal, well-written cover letter to demonstrate your writing abilities, personality, manners and intelligence. Target your cover letter to fit the job.
  • Do not list your personal Web page site address at the bottom of your resume. Employers find this is too personal. It is fine to add your personal e-mail address if you check your e-mail regularly. Do not put your e-mail address if it is through your current employer on your resume as sometimes these¬†are not secure.
  • Sales numbers are the most important area of the resume for a sales professional. Highlight your past sales accomplishments by including past quota attainment, percentage of market share, percentage of plan attainment. Employers see past success as an indicator of future success. Remember to showcase your success by selling yourself.
  • Most importantly, be honest. Background checks are performed. It is important for employment dates and education to be accurate.

Other Tips

Contact information listed on your resume should always be up-to-date. Email addresses can sometimes sound inappropriate as well as voice mails, answering machines or call tones on your cell phone. If you put an email address or phone number on your resume make sure you check this often, otherwise leave it off.  View more resume tips.

Beware of your image on social networking sites that are open for public search. Google your name to see what can be found about you. Getting a free account on Linked In can be very helpful. is a social networking site for business professionals. Ask your past managers, coworkers or clients to give you a reference and add this to your resume.

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