Creating a 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan for Interviews in Medical Sales

During the medical sales interview process, you may be asked to bring a 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan.  This allows the employer to evaluate your organizational, as well as sales abilities.  Most companies utilize tools such as this to measure your knowledge of the sales process.   Putting this document together properly can make or break whether or not you get an offer of employment.

Keep in mind the initial 30 days you will be in training mode, but by the end of a 90 day process the company you are interviewing with will be looking for potential sales.  How will you progress from learning about this company to actually selling their product line?  Define these objectives with reasonable and measurable goals.  Remember, you may be hired for the position.  The standards you set today may be what you are measured by tomorrow.

Example of a 30-60-90 DAY PLAN

Name:                                                                                                              Date:



Territory Plan Development

Day 1-30 Day 31-60 day Day 61-90
Business Objectives /Goals



Training Objectives







Competitor Analysis:

Territory Analysis: