Creating a Brag Book for Medical Sales Interviews

Your feature documentation, also known as a “brag book” is a professional portfolio of your career accomplishments. This material should be developed and utilized to substantiate the information in your resume.69__320x240_19__320x240_brag-book

When developing your feature documentation, have your resume in front of you to determine the information you feel it is important to promote. Some examples of this would be: Academic awards, college transcripts, professional degrees etc. To validate your work ethic and past success, you may want “Letters of Recommendation” from past supervisors, coworkers or clients. Copies of awards, sales rankings are important to include.

We encourage you to be creative by developing your own format.  For electronic brag books, you will need to scan important documentation achievements, photos and other information into the documentation.   Use categories or dividers ( i.e.,education, achievements, references, photos of award ceremonies, etc) to help you organize your brag book and make it more interesting.

Electronic brag books are usually not required. However, using this type of format can make it easier for the interviewer to forward to information on to HR or upper level management during the interview process. By spending the time creating an effective electronic brag book, you will be creating an important interview tool that can be used over and over again.

While an electronic brag book is effective, a hard copy version of your brag book is also necessary.  It is important to always bring a hard copy to the interview just in case your laptop decides not to work or the interviewer wants a copy of the material.  A hard copy can be placed in a folder or 3-ring binder.  Presentation style is the individual’s choice.   However you present your information, make sure the folder displays professionalism.  Your brag book represents you and your organizational abilities, so make it look good.

Presenting your Feature Documentation

If you decide to use a “brag book” during your interview, don’t just read it to the interviewer. Use the material as a visual aid  to reinforce an important point you are making with the interviewer.  If you choose to present your material in electronic format, bring your laptop to the interview.  If you are uncomfortable using a brag book, practice by role playing.  Know what is in your brag book and how to easily access important information.  For example, if the  interviewer asks to see a copy of your transcript.  You should be prepared by keeping a copy of your diploma and college transcript in the education section of your documentation.

For the hard copy, most individuals use a professional looking folder or dark colored three-ring binder for their feature documentation. In the pocket of the binder, you can place several copies of your resume to give to the interviewer.  If possible, bring several copies to the interview.  Offer to leave a copy with the interviewer.  Creating sectional areas in your folder or binder will help you quickly find supportive documentation regarding your achievements.  As emphasized many times, during an interview you are selling a product.  The product is “you” and what you have to offer this company.  Utilize the information in your brag book by giving examples of your past accomplishments.  Many sales managers believe that past success is an indicator of future success.