Your Professional Image

Do you have “the look?”  If not, how do you get it?  Think about these important questions.

  • Do you own a business suit and tie? Is it up-to-date?
  • Does your make-up or nail polish detract from your appearance?
  • Can you remove or cover up body jewelry and tattoos?
  • Is your answering machine, voice mail message and call tones professional?
  • Is your email address professional?
  • Did you remove your blue tooth wireless earpiece before the interview?

What Should I Wear To The Interview?

The first impression is a lasting one. When you walk in the room the interviewer will form an opinion of you through non-verbal visual cues. Therefore wardrobe is very important.

Men and women should wear a conservative two-piece business suit, preferably dark blue or gray. In addition to this, a conservative white or pastel colored long-sleeve shirt or blouse and clean, well-polished dark dress shoes are best. Open toed shoes are not considered formal and should not be worn in an interview.  Men’s neckties should be with a conservative pattern. When in doubt, be professional and conservative. Professional Business Suit Images –

You are selling yourself. It is important to be well-groomed.  If you feel you need a haircut, you probably do.  Ladies, if you would like to learn more about applying make-up that looks natural for interviews view this You Tube video.  These tips/techniques will help you get a professional look.

Monitor Other Areas of Life:

If you are seeking a position, it is important to display a professional image.  Listen to your outgoing message on your answering machine or voice mail to make sure it is appropriate for an employer to hear. Be careful with the music you select on the call tones of your cell phone, songs such as “Take the Job and Shove It”, may not help you get that job of your dreams.

Also, if your email address is not professional or might need explaining during an interview, think about changing it.Contact information listed on your resume should always be appropriate and up-to-date. If you put an email address or phone number on your resume make sure you check this often, otherwise leave it off.

Beware of your image on social networking sites that are open for public search. Google your name to see what can be found about you. Getting a free account on can also be very helpful. is a social networking site for business professionals. Ask your past managers, coworkers or clients to give you a reference and add this to your linked in profile.