Will Certification Help Me Get a Job in Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales?

We have often been asked this question.  There are a few nationally recognized medical sales and pharmaceutical sales certification programs available to those interested in adding this to their resume. 

These programs offer education and training for those trying to enter the field of medical or pharmaceutical sales.  The curriculum can be beneficial by educating candidates on medical terminology, disease states, anatomy and much more.  If you are trying to enter the medical or pharmaceutical sales industry and do not have basic knowledge in these areas, this type of program may help you decide if this is a good career path. 

There are two basic qualifications however that most companies seek when hiring a medical or pharmaceutical sales professional.  The first is a four-year college degree from an accredited university.  The second is at least 2 years of successful outside sales experience selling a tangible product.  If you do not have these two basis qualifications, odds are you will not be able to compete for these coveted positions.  With the recent changes in the economy, even those with experience are having a hard time finding employment. 

Obviously, any additional education (i.e., certification programs, sales training, etc.) cannot hurt your resume.  These programs will help to show employers your interest and motivations are strong to enter this type of sales. 

However, keep in mind that you are “selling” your abilities to employers. This starts with a well-written resume and cover letter.  Make sure your resume outlines your sales successes and any important career accomplishments.  In sales, employers look for past success.  Because of this, it is important to post your sales numbers, quota attainments and rankings.   If you have relationships with key physicians, clinics or hospitals in your territory, sell this in a cover letter.  Your relationships could be the most important key in procuring your next career move.