Why Should You Use Executive Recruiters?

Our executive recruiters specialize in recruiting top sales and marketing representatives for medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Since 1997, Global Edge Recruiting has recruited sales professionals for the  medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  Our executive recruiters have the experience you need in recruiting the nation’s top sales talent for your company.

As an HR Director or Manager of a growing medical company, you may find yourself asking the question, “When do we need to utilize the services of a executive recruiter or executive search firm?”  In today’s economy we are all forced to tighten down on spending and consider each dollar that we spend.  The decision to utilize a executive recruiter for a particular search should include these key considerations.  First, do you have an approved requisition within your company to hire this position?  Sounds crazy, but often companies reach out to recruitment firms to fill a position that has not solidly been approved by appropriate management.

Secondly, how vital is the position to your organization?  Does this position need to be filled within a specific time frame?  If the answer is yes, then using a recruiting firm to assist you in filling the position quickly would be beneficial to your bottom line.

Thirdly, have you exhausted your own resources?  This statement also may sound absurd, but the last thing a recruiter working on a commission only basis wants to hear is that you filled the position internally.

Many medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies today post their open positions on internet job boards to attract talent.  While this may appear to be a cost saving option, internet job boards may not always be the most effective way to fill a position.  Posting a position is easily accomplished, however, managing the responses from the posted opening can be difficult.  If your company does business with the Federal Government, you may be regulated by the OFCCP.  If this is the case, you must track any responses to jobs posted on these boards.

Another option for your company may be to hire an internal recruiter to assist in recruiting and retaining top talent within your organization.  These recruiters are typically a part of the human resource department within the organization.  If your company is growing, adding an internal recruiter may be beneficial.  However, depending on the amount of company turn-over or growth you experience, you may need several internal recruiters to do the job right!

An experience medical sales executive recruiter or outside vendor of recruiting / executive search services can also be a great solution for your company.  Executive recruiters have the ability to recruit from competitors and typically can access qualified candidates in a short time period, especially when they know your industry.  Global Edge Recruiting has many years of experience recruiting successful sales representatives in the pharmaceutical and medical device world.

Executive recruiters also assist with pre-screening, interviewing, and negotiating offers.  Depending on the services you desire, contingency or retained and the type of candidate to be recruited, working with an executive recruiter, such as Global Edge Recruiting, may prove to be the best investment of your time, money and energy.

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