Hiring Center:  Utilizing Recruiting Firms

We hope that you will select Global Edge Recruiting to assist you in hiring great sales and marketing people! When you work with us, you can expect a partner type relationship. We will work hard to become a valuable part of your hiring team.

To understand Contingency Search Firms, you must first understand how executive search firms, such as Global Edge work. Executive Search Firms generally have agreements with many different companies to assist them in locating and recruiting the top talent on an ongoing basis. These types of search firms are generally independent contractors / outside vendors.

Executive search consultants should partner with your Human Resources and Talent Acquisition department to assist them in recruiting the best candidates for your open positions. As a hiring partner, the search firm gathers information about your company and open positions to gain an understanding of the key skills and abilities needed in various roles within your organization. With this knowledge, the search consultant can then network and search for successful candidates with the skill sets needed to work for your company.

The search consultant is responsible for carefully pre-screening candidates. If a candidate is identified by the search firm to meet the qualifications of the open position, the search consultant will present the candidate to the hiring authority for review and assist with candidate communications, interviews and follow-up.

If a candidate presented by the search firm is hired by the company, the search firm is paid a commission fee for their work. There are two types of recruiting firms, retainer and contingency. Global Edge Recruiting is a contingency search firm. As a contingency search firm, our fees are paid by the employer only if a candidate is hired for the position.

Although, companies can work with several contingency search firms, you may wish to choose to sign an exclusive agreement with the search firm.

Important tips on working with recruiters:

  • Find a firm the specializes in your industry.
  • If you are not committed to hiring, don’t involve a search firm. Contingency recruiters work on a “commission-only” basis.  Job orders are taken very seriously. Many hours go into the search and recruitment process to locate qualified candidates.
  • Provide a job description and accurate job order information to your recruiter.
  • Provide your recruiter with the hiring manager’s name and contact information. It is extremely difficult for a recruiter to recruit staff for a manager they have never spoken to.
  • Keep track of the candidates presented to you by a recruiter. Many companies utilize multiple recruiting firms on the same position. Recruiters earn their commission when a candidate they source is hired. Nothing upsets the process more than two recruiters presenting the same candidate for the same position. Candidates often think this helps their case but can become upset when the process becomes confusing.
  • Provide feedback to your recruiter when you receive a resume or interview a candidate. Your company and the recruiting firm are best represented when prompt feedback is provided to interested candidates.