Recruiting Track Record of Success

There’s no doubt about it! Your success as a manager, as well as the success of your company will be determined by the employees you hire. Each person you hire should be expected to bring a skill set to their new job that will ultimately result in long-term benefits both for them and the company.

Statistics have shown that 80% of company turnover could be avoided by correctly matching an individuals skills, experience, education and talent with the right position.

Our Statistics Prove Our Experience and Successful Results

1. Established Recruiting Process: Global Edge Recruiting follows an established ten-step search process with a proven track record for successful placements.

2. Speed: Our average sourcing time is 7-10 days for locating, pre-screening and presenting candidates to our client companies.

3. Accuracy: Ninety percent (90%) of candidates presented by Global Edge Recruiting were provided face-to-face follow-up interviews by our client companies.

4. Accepted Offers: Ninety-eight percent (98%) of all offers presented by our client companies to our candidates were accepted.

5. Longevity: Ninety percent (90%) of all candidates placed by our firm continue employment with our client companies for three years after their initial date of hire.

6. Quality: Eighty-eight (88%) of our candidates are considered top performers or have moved into management level positions within three years from the date of hire.

7. Access to Candidates Outside of Normal Networks: You will receive qualified candidates through our unique networking strategies. Our recruiters will work hard to locate candidates with the specific skill sets, background, experience and education your company requires.

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