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Global Edge Recruiting is known for our recruiting network and work in the field of  healthcare sales.  We have experience recruiting sales candidates with basic business to business backgrounds, as well as sales representatives with more extensive backgrounds selling medical capital equipment or making  C-level, C-suite sales contacts within the industry. From entry level to experienced representatives, we network with the nation’s top sales talent.

Recruiting top talent is our specialty!  Virtually any recruiting agency can supply a stack of resumes.  Finding that special person to help move your team meet its objectives or move sales to a President’s Trophy victory is our real goal.

Whether you are an employer or a candidate, our recruiters pride themselves in knowledge of your specialty.  Matching a candidate to a specialty position gives us a great sense of pride in finding that perfect fit in the employee that demonstrates the confidence, conviction, knowledge and enthusiasm to grow your business and do the job right!

We recruit and place candidates in various areas of healthcare sales and marketing. If you are an employer we invite you to learn more about the types of positions we have recruited through our past hiring projects.   Interested candidates can learn more about what it takes to get a job in these areas by clicking on the information below: