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Overview of Laboratory Diagnostic Sales 

Diagnostic Laboratory sales positions include a vast array of services and products.  Sales of laboratory services and laboratory testing continue to grow, as well as the sales of testing equipment, reagents and general laboratory supplies.

While medical sales jobs can often be difficult, the role of a laboratory sales consultant is even more extensive.  A sales representative selling to the laboratory must have knowledge of laboratory tests in order to sell to this type of client.  Specialized biotechnology products, molecular based or other diagnostic testing equipment are certainly products that require a science background for selling.

Training and Education of Laboratory Diagnostic Sales

Typically laboratory sales positions require a science degree and knowledge of the laboratory.  Medical technologists or those with degrees in chemistry, biology or microbiology are preferred for these positions.  Additionally, at least two years of outside sales is recommended.

Opportunities in Laboratory Diagnostic Sales

Opportunities selling laboratory equipment, supplies or testing services continue to be stable in today’s job market.  Companies such as Abbott Diagnostics, Roche Diagnostics and Gen-Probe manufacture various testing equipment.  Other companies such as Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America are testing laboratories.

Salary in Laboratory Diagnostic Sales

Salaries range from 65K-100+ in commission for sales representatives, product managers and specialist positions.

Job Outlook in Laboratory Diagnostic Sales

The diagnostic laboratory roles continue to be exciting and challenging positions.  As new genetic and molecular based tests continue to be developed, we open doors to the future of healthcare.

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