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Overview of Medical Device Sales

The difference in general medical sales jobs and medical device sales jobs is the level of complexity of the product. Most medical device positions involve detailing the product during a patient’s procedure often in an operating room or hospital environment. Medical device sales jobs often involve calling on surgeons, specialists or executive level clients. These positions require a high level of expertise in a given area and a proven sales track record.  In contrast, a general sales position in medical sales selling medical products  would most likely call on hospitals, alternate care facilities or general practitioners.  The products sold in a medical sales position are often a little less complicated.  Starting your medical sales career selling medical products may feel less glamorous, however it  will help you establish your sales track record and your ability to sell to physicians and healthcare providers.  Medical device companies seek to hire successful sales representatives with proven sales numbers and strong connections to the healthcare industry.

Training and Education for a Medical Device Sales Job

To get into a medical device sales job, it is important to have already gained a refined level of selling skills. Companies offering medical device sales jobs do not have time to train employees on basic sales skills. Training is focused on product.  Consider starting your career in a more general medical sales role by selling disposable medical products.  Medical sales selling products might help you gain the experience you need to later move into selling more complicated medical devices.

As a medical device sales representative you may be highly marketable to other device companies. Medical device sales jobs are on the rise in today’s employment market. These jobs are not for the squeamish individual and require  long hours in the operating room. Most medical device sales representatives cover several states and travel 50% of the time.

Opportunities in Medical Device Sales

Global Edge Recruiting specializes in medical device sales recruiting. If you are interested in our job opportunities, please view our Job Opportunities page. The list of medical device companies includes companies such as Medtronic, Stryker, Bard, Karl Storz, and St Jude Medical and many others.

Salary in Medical Device Sales
Medical device sales jobs offer a competitive base salary and the ability to earn exceptional commissions. Successful medical device sales representatives are high-energy people and are not afraid of challenges.
Job Outlook for Medical Device Sales

The future of medical device sales is promising as technology and medicine continue to advance. Regardless of the economy, jobs in medical devices will continue to remain strong due to the constant need for health care.

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