Unique Attributes Help in Medical Sales Job Market

It’s tough out there in the job market! I was recently thinking about our old Christmas friend Rudolph who really does have a great employment victory to tell us about. You see, Rudolph at face value might not have been the best choice to lead a team of reindeer on such a critical Christmas mission. In fact, he was somewhat smaller than the rest of the herd, appeared a little clumsy and probably wasn’t the brightest reindeer around. But, without question, he was different.

If Rudolph possessed a resume, I can almost guarantee you that “Red, bright-beacon nose” didn’t appear on it. He simply thought it was something that caused him grief and embarrassment and couldn’t possibly possess any type of future benefit. However, on that one particularly blustery Christmas Eve his future employer, a certain red-suited man, realized that this little reindeer had something unique to offer.

Without question, this anomaly was something that no other reindeer could offer. Rudolph’s perceived deficit or potential disability became an attribute on the grandest scale! He was the one that could set himself apart from the rest of the reindeer and help complete the critical mission! Although laughed at and ridiculed through it all, he became appreciated and most certainly employed! You know the story and how he won the job. It was his hugely bright navigational nose that cut through the fog like a hot knife through butter. No other reindeer could compete with him.

So to you I ask, “Can you find your beacon in this troubled economy?”

Remember, all you need is an opportunity or inroad to showcase your skill(s). When you get that interview, describe your underlying skills and provide your prospective employer with your benefits by demonstrating how you can provide value to their organization.

If you’re unemployed this holiday season and feeling as though you belong in the “Land of the Misfit Toys,” maybe it’s time to really evaluate the attributes that have made you who you are today. Take some time over the holidays to think about those potential employment attributes or benefits that might set you apart from the herd.

You are an individual and as such you have your own unique set of qualifications that many others will not possess. Get help on identifying these particular skills from friends, relatives and associates. Once your key sets of skills are identified, use them to begin or further your career. These are difficult times for many. Don’t lose your faith or your spirit. Your destiny awaits you in 2010!

Article was originally posted December 7, 2009.