How to do Facetime or Video Interview for a Medical Sales Job

Hurray!  You got a call from your recruiter or human resource manager asking you to do a Skype or FaceTime interview.  Now what?

Well, don’t panic.  You’re in good company if you dislike like being on camera. It can be intimidating to have a live conversation, especially with a potential employer.   But stop right there!  The most important aspect to realize is that they would not be wasting time performing this type of interview if they weren’t interested in you!  So relax, sit back and just prepare.

Video interviewing is becoming much more common.  As business becomes more and more global and technology becomes more integral to business development, it saves time and money in the interview process for employers.  It’s important for job seekers to familiarize themselves with the process of video interviewing to make the decision for employers clear.

The first step in doing a medical sales video interview is preparing your computer or phone.  If the employer is requesting to do a Skype interview, invest in a quality web camera if your laptop is not equipped with one already.  These are typically around $25 to $30 and sold at most office supply stores.  If you are using Facetime on your phone, remember it is highly important that you find a way to keep the phone still during your conversation.  Nothing is more distracting during an interview then talking with a moving image.

Second, prepare your surroundings.  Make sure you are in a well-lit area with a professional background.  This is not the time to have phones ringing, animals making noise or any other distractions visible. Before starting the interview, check to make sure the framing of the video is flattering. You want the interviewer to see you from the waist up while also showing the cleanliness and organization of the area around you.

Third, wear an appropriate outfit.  Select a suit or some type of professional dress.  Do not dress down just because you are doing a video instead of an in-person interview.  Treat video interviewing the same as any other professional interview.

Finally, look at the camera lens.  It is important to look at the camera and not at the interviewer on your phone or computer screen.  Looking at the camera will give the effect that you are creating eye contact while also creating a more flattering perspective for the interviewer. Also, check to make sure the camera is pointing at you directly to ensure that the interviewer will see you properly.

You will also be asked to set up a Skype account if you do not have one.  It is simple to set up a Skype account, and it is free.  After you have done this, you will need to provide the employer with your Skype ID.  Additionally, you will need to know the interviewer’s Skype ID and add them to your approved Skype contact list prior to your phone call.  In most interviews, the employer initiates the phone call to you, instead of you calling them.   The same goes for a FaceTime interview.  Although FaceTime takes less time to setup, you will still need to learn to use it ahead of time by practicing with a friend.

When preparing for your video interview, don’t forget the basics.  Remember the most important step in any interview is to close the interview by asking the interviewer for the job!  For more important tips on interviewing in medical or pharmaceutical sales, click here.